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One of the spookiest insects that you don’t want in your house is moths. These insects adore living in unclean, unsanitary environments. Remove them as quickly as you can to prevent them from destroying your clothing and other personal belongings. Additionally, moths visit your home looking for food that is kept in the storage area. They may also result in several health issues. Contact Pest Control Doreen for the best moth pest control service if you need to get rid of them. We have a great professional moth control Doreen team to offer same day service. Our highly skilled Pantry Moths Extermination has years of expertise dealing with moths. To reserve your slots, call 03 4050 7737 now. 

What are the Telltale Signs of Clothes or Pantry Moth Infestation?

  • On wool garments and fabrics, you can find silky tunnels, furrows, or trenches.
  • Irregular garment holes.
  • Excessively shed furs.
  • The cloth is covered in tiny tubes that are the larval casings.
  • Rusty stains on clothing, draperies, and carpets.
  • Small, cream-colored moths with a pungent odour and sticky mucus secretion that cause granules to clump together can be found flying or crawling on surfaces.
  • Webbing along the edges of packages or even on the product inside cereal or flour products.

Do Moths Cause Damage?

Occasionally, rapid action is required to manage the moths on time. Your garments can be entirely destroyed by moths, especially if they are made of silk or leather. If you act before things spiral out of hand, that will be for the best.

The Three Steps We Use to Control Moths

  1. Moth Inspection: Finding moths in your house is difficult. To find the precise position, you only need to thoroughly check your home. You may also get in touch with our group of professionals to get a moth inspection service. We have extremely affordable prices for this service. We would also remove the moth whenever we locate it.
  2. Specific Chemical Treatment: Our usage of proper chemicals which are very less harmful to the environment to ensure long-run results. Our most efficient method for killing moths is heat treatment, which produces immediate results the same day. All traces of the moths are eliminated since the heat kills them during their whole life cycle, including the eggs. Steam treatment is a more recent type of moth pest control that works best for moths that have invaded garments or other materials.
  3. Moth Prevention Advice- Lavender and cedar are often unpopular with moths. Although lavender has a wonderful scent to humans, insects like moths find it quite repelling. Cedar is still a fantastic option that offers garments and bedding a fresh, pleasant scent while masking the scent of natural materials. Keep your carpets, floors, and mouldings dusted and vacuumed. Larvae or egg-filled clothing should be washed. Our Moth Control In House team gives you precautionary advice for the future.

Why Pick Us For Moth Control Doreen Service?

There are several justifications for hiring our moth control specialists. Our personnel has moth handling experience and is well-trained. You can hire us at any moment for first-rate service. Our business is a well-known and dependable name in the industry. These are a few other key factors in choosing us for Moth Caterpillar Control Doreen.

  • For you to receive the greatest service, we are certified and well-trained. Additionally, we have experts knowledgeable about moths as well as how to handle them.
  • We also employ the most up-to-date and cutting-edge moth control technologies to offer you prompt and efficient service. Our team’s professionals are skilled in using these modern tools.
  • Our service fees are quite affordable for you since they fit well within your budget.
  • Because we operate with total flexibility in terms of offering moth control services, our services are booked around the clock, and you can call us at any time.


How can I get rid of moths at home?

By regularly cleaning your home, you may get rid of moths. Moths won’t be able to live if you constantly clean your floors and sofas.

Are you able to manage moths in Doreen?

You may contact our Moth Control Doreen staff, and we’ll provide you with the finest service possible. On holidays, we are also ready to conduct moth control services.

What symptoms indicate the presence of moths in the home?

Your clothing will have holes, which you will see. The larva will also be visible throughout your house. Additionally, you might find these moths in your pantry.

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