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So you found an annoying bee or wasp nest in your home? Well, you did the right thing by coming across the best bee and wasp removal Doreen page first rather than trying to fix the problem alone. Removing a bee nest is not an easy task for any normal person, good thing we got the best-skilled experts for the job. Our trained professionals have excellent proficiency in handling the situation with ease and without causing any problems to your home. Pest Control Doreen is the best and most reliable bee or wasp removing company you can find in town. The use of mild and effective chemicals and sprays makes our work even easier and swift. What are you waiting for? Contact us now at 03 4050 7737.

Varieties Of Wasps And Bees We Remove in Doreen

  • Honey bee- Honey bees may look harmless in TV ads but coming close to one in real life may be a really bad decision. They can sting fast and it causes excruciating pain and swelling in the area. Unless you wish that to happen, let the top bee removing experts take care of the honey bee nest.
  • Bumble bee- Bumble bees are larger and more annoying than honey bees. They settle in corners of your house like the chimneys and wall cavities which are difficult for you to reach. To remove their nest, all you need is the top bee and wasp removal Doreen professionals with you.
  • Carpenter bee- Just as the name suggests, a carpenter bee is attracted to wooden structures. If you have a carpenter bee nest in your house, it is better to remove it as soon as possible or it may cause serious erosion of your wooden structures. We have expertise in removing them as well with ease.
  • Paper Wasps- Paper wasps are social creatures but you surely would not like them to socialize with you as one sting from them can cause you tremendous pain, swelling, and even trigger allergies. Thus, let the best bee hive removal experts in Doreen take care of them.
  • Yellow Jackets- Yellow jackets do not only look more dangerous but are also more aggressive than paper wasps. They can easily sting you even when unprovoked and often attack in swarms. Thus stay away from them and get the best bee-removing experts to handle them.
  • Hornets- Hornets are larger and are more dangerous than wasps. Their sting causes tremendous pain and swelling and they can sting more than once causing the pain to increase and even cause infection. Thus, the top bee and wasp removal Doreen professionals remove their nests.

How Do The Experts Treat Wasps And Bees?

  • Inspection- The first thing we do after arriving at your location is to inspect your house, especially the area which has bee or wasp nests to find the easiest way to remove them.
  • Removal of bees and wasps– Then our experts use smoke chemicals and sprays to remove all the bees and wasps from your house.
  • Removal of nests- Only after all bees and wasps are gone, do we proceed to remove their nests from your house.
  • Destroying the nest, if needed- We truly understand that bees are the most important creatures on the planet and thus take steps in relocating or preserving their nests to minimalize the damage. The top bee rescue professionals in Doreen do not destroy the nests unless it is very necessary.
  • Final inspection- After all the cleaning is done; we check the house completely for any other nests or bee infestations before finally ending the procedure.

Where And How Do Bees Build Their Nests?

As we know, bees have honey as their prominent diet. They build their hives to store honey for winters when the weather is not favourable to them or the food is less available. A honey bee takes about a month to a season to make a hive. They even have their queen bee secured in the hive and laying eggs resulting in more honey bees. These hives are mostly seen on tree branches but may also occur on your wall cavities, chimneys, underneath your home floorboards, etc. Bees and wasps can get very aggressive to protect their hives and thus it is wise for humans to stay away from them. You can rely on the best bee control Doreen to make your house bee free.

Emergency Bee Removal Service in Doreen

It is very possible that suddenly the bee infestation in your house becomes more and you need an emergency service. You can count on the top wasp pest control professionals in Doreen to serve you at the earliest. We take the SOS signal very seriously and thus waste no time in getting to your location and controlling the pest situation there. We guarantee hassle-free and swift removal of bees from your home at once so that you face no trouble.


1. Are these services available in 24*7 in Doreen?

Yes, we provide bookings for all the premium quality services in Doreen and are also available for emergency services.

2. Can we burn the hive to remove it ourselves?

Burning the hive is not the solution as bees die and the fire may also go out of your control. There is also a high chance that a bee might sting you. Let the top bee nest removal experts in Doreen take care of that.

3. Are bees aggressive if I come closer to the nest?

Bees are not really aggressive until and unless they face danger themselves. But this does not mean that you can go near bees. They may feel in danger and the situation can go out of control in no time.

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