Everything You Need To Know About Flea Control

Well, if you have fleas infestation in your home, then, it must be your little playful pets who brought them inside. The most common fleas which are found inside the home are cat fleas or dog fleas. The fleas generally, can live up to your pets for up to 4 days. Fleas are not only irritating but also they can be harmful to you. They can bite or leave spots of their bite on your body. It can make you feel very uncomfortable in your daily life routine. 

fleas control
fleas control

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some things about fleas that you need to know and why it is important to do fleas control. Now, without wasting any time let’s discuss some facts about fleas or fleas control.

  • Fleas can live up to 100 days, it may not seem a very long time for you. But in this short period of time, their infestation can ruin your peace. Not only that a female flea produces 400-500 new fleas, so, if any female flea enters your ground, then within 100 days she will maximize the population and things will be very much uncontrollable.
  • Fleas keep searching for a place to live and they get a ride up on your pets and come inside your home. If you want to do fleas control, then you should keep your pets clean.
  • Fleas not only can disturb your daily life but also they can cause you severe health issues as they carry lots of germs or bacteria with them.

It is very difficult to understand the cause of fleas infestation as they can make anyone come inside the home. So, it would be better if you do something for flea control instead of getting to know the reason behind their infestation.

Immediate relief from fleas

If you notice fleas in your home, then, it is very important that you do something for flea control as soon as you can. Let’s see some tips to do immediate flea control in your home.

Immediate pet treatment for fleas

Generally, fleas get carried inside your home by your pets. So, it would be better if you do immediate pet treatment for flea control. You should regularly make your pets bathe and keep them clean to prevent the infestation of fleas.

Immediate house treatment for fleas

If you want to prevent fleas from your home or want to do flea control, you should wash your fabric items regularly or vacuum your upholstery items. You should vacuum twice every week to knock out moth eggs or larvae. Do disinfect your upholstery items to ensure that fleas are not hiding in there.

Flea prevention

Preventing fleas is an easy task to do, but if they infest it will be difficult for you to remove. For flea control, you need to do flea control treatment by Pest Control Doreen. Keep your pets or home always clean.


So, these are some of the things or facts which you need to know about fleas before doing pest control.